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snacky posted to yuletide July 29 2014, 02:18

Narnia Fic Exchange

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It's time again for the Annual Narnia Fic Exchange! You can join us by signing up HERE! Please note the change this year: the NFE will be held on AO3, and not on LJ.

Read through the FAQ and the rules HERE.
Sign up for beta duty HERE.
Sign up for pinch hitting HERE.

Important dates:

Signups close: August 2
Prompts sent out: by August 4
Assignments due: September 13
Works revealed: September 20
Authors revealed: Septmeber 27

If you have any questions, feel free to email the mods at narniaficexchange@gmail.com
musesfool July 29 2014, 01:48

you glow inside my head

Yesterday, I got the monthly "heads up your period's due in five days" email. Today, I got my period. THERE WERE NOT FIVE DAYS BETWEEN YESTERDAY AND TODAY. I MUST PROTEST.


chicklet_girl is visiting our fair city, so we met up for dinner tonight. It was a lot of fun. And now I think I'm ready for bed.


This entry at DW: http://musesfool.dreamwidth.org/679582.html. comment count unavailable people have commented there.
airgiodslv posted to yuletide July 29 2014, 00:44

Top Shelf!

Top Shelf PSL is a fantasy & science fiction book club community for writers who love reading, and vice versa. Like yuletide, it encourages fanworks in more obscure fandoms, and provides a sandbox for writers who want to explore the worlds of their favourite books in collaboration with others. Roleplaying, co-writing, narrative fiction, fanmixes, and fanart are all welcome, with a strong emphasis on rpg-style collaborative writing/tagging.

Questions, comments, and thoughts are always welcome; my contact info can be found in the entry linked below, along with the game premise, guidelines, structure, and other information. You can also see the books that have been suggested thus far here, for an idea of what current players are interested in.

Top Shelf PSL Information

Thank you to the yuletide moderators for the signal boost!
beck_liz posted to who_daily July 28 2014, 22:55

Monday, 28th July 2014

Do you have a Doctor Who community or a journal that we are not currently linking to? Leave a note in the comments and we'll add you to the who_daily reading list.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Because of the high posting volume and the quantity of information linked in each newsletter, who_daily will no longer link fanfiction that does not have a header. For an example of what a "good" fanfic header is, see the user info. Please note, the fic must have a header with the fic, not just in the link post, in order to be added to the newsletter. Thank you.

Off-LJ Links
The Ood Cast S06E02 – Time Gentleman, Please
Doctor Who Classic Dalek 3.75" (Wave 3) Figure Review by Votesaxon07 (YouTube)
Doctor Who News: Symphonic Spectacular for the United Kingdom in 2015
The doctor will see you now - an interview with Peter Capaldi
Doctor Who News: Doctor Who World Tour: Mexico City details
An Audience with Peter Capaldi & Jenna Coleman in Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro
Traveling the Vortex: Episode 187 – All For One!

(News via via [info]blogtorwho, [info]tardisscanner, [info]og_news, among others.)
(For additional news, please visit: [info]googledw)

Discussion & Miscellany
dieastra has several videos of John Barrowman at the Commonwealth Games in barrowmanfans
jjpor discusses the new Peter Capaldi interview at who_at_50

Mistaken Identity by shivver13 (G | Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble, various Harry Potter universe characters | Crossover with Harry Potter )

Works In Progress
Behind The Darkness: Part 6: Becoming The Dark by anyagotr (PG-13 | Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble)

Fan Videos
Wholock - The Musical (YouTube)

Fanart and Other Creative Endeavours
First Person Doctor by LeTipple on DeviantArt (The Doctor, Daleks)
Doctor Who by beleanabba at DeviantArt (Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond)

Communities & Challenges
doctorwho20in20 opens theme voting, category voting, and artist's choice voting for Round 46
dwstills announces Challenge 28 - Plus One
doctorwho20in20 has sign-ups for Round 47

If you were not linked, and would like to be, contact us in the comments with further information and your link.
vvalkyri July 28 2014, 17:29


Quoting from something I was writing while waiting for Hello Girls to start the other night -- describing prat of badmagic and my Friday:
[after diverting from Feisty Old Jew through a random art opening (and a while talking with someone who does photomontages about rubber ducks], We hung out at the bar a while over food and drink, meeting up with a guy from Pointless Puppet Theatre (I started talking to him because of his tee shirt) and learned of things like puppet ballet - they've done Swan Lake. shadowcaptain would probably be interested in seeing some of their stuff - they are based here near chaos on F, and have some overlap with the Bread and Puppet Theatre folks. Also spent a fair while talking with the director for Antigone; who explained her movement ideas in a way that made my eyes glaze over. (Fortunately I had already heard lovely things from others, so I still went this afternoon.)

We finally ended up going to Contact Steve Guttenberg, which got 4 stars from somebody and involved stuff from Lovecraft; what's not to love?

There was, in fact, a lot not to love with the Lovecraft; he_who_wanders, somewhere, reviewed it as "phone rings, no answer," if I recall. While the actors did a great job of portraying characters I rather hated, and there were some amusing moments, both of us are a bit befuddled that a show so lacking in believable plot could get 4 stars. (badmagic said I especially don't tend to like shows where I have to fill in a lot of the plot, but even the stuff I filled in was fairly WTF.)

I need to hurry out, now. Going walking with shadeofnight soon, and have to also get to the post office to mail probate docs back to the lawyer, and somehow corner Dad into giving me the details I need so I can submit the news obituary request to the Post.

I pretty much lost it yesterday, talking with number_12, when I looked up the thread and it dawned on me that I first asked Dad's help on this 12 days ago. There are reasonable Reasons it hasn't happened -- he's been wanting me to call him rather than have to use the keyboard, and the timing's been difficult, and I wanted him to read what mom's other friends had written and somehow he didn't see it, but AAAAGH. Back in '07 I let Mom tell me for a month that she'd handle the news obit thing re Grandma, and only figured out one day too late how to start the process. That's why musicman worked wit me to ge something into Jewish Week. But Grandma's life was such that it was of interest to Jewish Week. Still, had there been something in the Post, people would have known. This is obviously a Thing for me, which makes everything worse.

I don't think I'm dealing very well in general. Simple things that have to happen keep getting forgotten. Far more irritable, and far less social, even though it doesn't look like it. Very fscked up sleeping hours. And eating. Shul Saturday was a good thing, though kaddish was tearful and hard to choke out. Interesting talk about tobacco, actually. Nice people. But it felt fitting that I was in the back in a corner and hence nobody could see I was one of the standing mourners. I don't know what to make of that. Met several nice folks who hope to see me back. Good to catch up with .(er, I guess miraya_b isnot on lj anymore)

Somehow randomly acquired a passenger toward Fringe on my way out; a lady had come by and on hearing I was planning Fringe later in the day said she totally wanted to do Fringe and could she come along. I stammered a surprised okay, though tried to explain I was going to two shows at Atlas, 2 miles away from the main part of Fringe. I marveled at how I had instantly found this woman irritating, increasingly so as the car ride continued, and tried to figure out whether it was she or I creating this. I'm thinking it was she, but still. In any case, when she bailed at Columbia Heights I was astonished at how much better I felt.

Must wrap. Must call Dad.
dochermes July 28 2014, 16:43

Read on! SUMURU commands you!

From 1951, this was the second in a series of five books* Sax Rohmer wrote about his other mysterious supercriminal. If you have read all the Fu Manchu books and are craving more, Sumuru is very close in style and theme but also has some unique qualities all her own. This particular book has a real startle toward the end, when you realize Sumuru is even more seductive than she seems. (This ending was changed for the British edition SLAVES OF SUMURU.)

Rohmer repeats himself most obviously with his pair of investigative heroes, pretty much lesser copies of Sir Denis Nayland Smith and Dr Petrie. American intelligence ace Drake Roscoe ("Ka-Chow!") is deeply tanned, steely-eyed, with the tense hyperactive nervousness of Smith... drumming his fingers, pacing quickly back and forth, losing patience with his partner's susceptibility to female charm. Working with him is former BBC reporter Tony McKeigh, now temporarily assigned to Intelligence. Tony is perhaps not so much like Petrie as he is like the young romantic fools that Rohmer so often saddled the misogynistic Nayland Smith with. He goes thrugh an awful lot of emotional agony to win the heart of one of Sumuru's followers.

These guys are hot on the trail of one of the great criminal masterminds in thriller fiction, known to her followers as "Our Lady" or "My Lady". She is called the Marquise Sumuru for convenience, having been married to a Japanese nobleman at the start of the war. Like one of Will Eisner's venomous female crooks, she has been married to several very wealthy men, none of whom seemed to have survived for too long. 1417863_640

Although she is described as the most beautiful woman in the world, with a spellbinding golden voice, suprisingly few details are given of her actual appearance. Knowing Sax Rohmer, I expected the old boy to make her an exotic Eurasian or half Egyptian or another of his obsessions (not that there's anything wrong with all that, to be sure). One character seriously says that he thinks Sumuru appears different to each onlooker, always what they consider most desirable... the literal "glamour" of sorcery. There are quite a few hints here that she does indeed know a little witchraft and telpathy. There are also a few suggestions that she in fact very old ("Have you sometimes asked yourself why I never change? Have you asked yourself if I might be the Wandering Jewess?")

Sumuru is the absolute ruler of a global cult, the Order of Our Lady, which she herself founded. Several times, she mentions how her goal is "to restore beauty to a world grown ugly" and even to forestall the coming war between the superpowers. She mentions how the Second World War could have been avoided if someone like her had judiciously assassinated a few leaders. We quickly learn her real plan is much more ominous and inhumane.

Our Lady basically runs a huge religious cult, kidnapping beautiful women from all over the world and keeping them as agents under terror of reprisal and the dominance of her own charisma. Interestingly, most of these followers seem to genuinely believe in their Lady and accept her wisdom without question, like semi-brainwashed members of the religious cults still running around today. Trying to leave means a painful death. These gorgeous minions seduce and entice powerful men into Sumuru's control ("...for men, however brilliantly gifted, readily become enslaved by beauty," as she observes).

She's hit on a good tactic here. Fu Manchu used to inject people with a coma-inducing serum and then revive them as his slaves, using hypnotism and fear as additional incentives. Sumuru has harnessed the immense power of sexual attraction to be her weapon. (Let's face it, how many us either male or female haven't acted like fools for a pretty girl or a handsome guy? If I could have back all the time and money I wasted on...errr, back to the story.)

Although she doesn't show near the Devil Doctor's mega-genius (with his degrees from half a dozen universities, all his inventions and medical discoveries), Sumuru seems to have instead specialized in the study of exotic poisons. Any purpose, any effect, she has a potion for it. Her most unnerving toxin is the "rigor kubus, a sort of fungus that invades the system and apparently turns the body into something like stone." This leads to some grisly scenes, as her victims freeze where they're standing and turn into something hard as marble. I love this technique, it has echoes of the ancient Gorgon, Medusa, whose stare turned men to stone, and it gives Sumuru a slightly supernatural air.

Our Lady's ultimate goal is to establish a new order with herself on the throne, and women of her cult running the world. Men who don't have either useful skills or physical appeal would be liquidated. She has thousands of followers on every continent, and although her actual plan would ultimately end in pointless slaughter and genocide, even now she has become leader of one of the great secret empires. I don't know how seriously we can take her slightly totalitarian vision of the human race reduced to a breeding stock under her enlightened control. Supervillains often had grandiose explanations to justify why they were killing and robbing, none of which stand up to consideration.

As you might expect with Rohmer, the heroes are dogged, rather uninteresting bloodhounds on the scent. The villain, on the other hand, is a fascinating mix of traits. She's an incredible tease, for one thing, constantly keeping the surprising number of men on her personal staff worked up over the one woman that they can't possess. Most symbolically, her great joy is swimming nude in a pool and tormenting a ferocious barracuda named Satan. The killer fish batters himself against a glass partition to get at her and she thinks it's the funniest thing possible. This kind of shows how she regards the world. She also has a mink fetish.

One of things I like best about Sax Rohmer is that (like Robert E. Howard and Ian Fleming), he is right there in everything he wrote, his fears and joys and preoccupations are right there on the page. Sumuru is an impressive creation, not just because of her strong seductive qualities and ingenious schemes, but because Rohmer himself was feeling her awesome presence when he wrote. Like Fu Manchu, she radiates cunning, confidence and determination that in real life would run right over ordinary people. Now I have another four books to track down....

*Our gal actually first appeared in an eight-part BBC serial starting in December 1945, SHADOW OF SUMURU. This was later reworked into the first Sumuru book, NUDE IN MINK (hey, if she's wearing a mink coat, she's not really nude, eh?).
dochermes July 28 2014, 16:09

Wouldn't Atlantis screw up the Gulf Stream?

1 climate efects mu atlantis 001

I don't recall anyone mentioning this, but honestly... look at the size Colonel Churchward thought Atlantis was. What would this have done to the Gulf Stream? Wouldn't northern Europe and the British Isles be a lifeless frozen waste? Not to mention the equally humongous Mu in the Pacific. The effect on all that land mass occupying what is now ocean must have enormous consequences on world climate.

Not that there aren't already reasons to dismiss Atlantis, Mu AND Lemuria, not to mention the Hyborian Age, Middle-Earth and the Flintstones.
lilly_the_kid posted to starkindustries July 28 2014, 15:46

New Vid: Iron Man "Oh No"

Title: Oh No
Source: Iron Man 1, 2, 3 + Avengers
Music: Oh No by Marina and the Diamonds
Character/Genre: Tony Stark character study
Summary: I know exactly what I want and who I want to be
Content Notes: violence as it is depicted in the movies
Vidder Notes: I love this song and so many of the lyrics fit Tony soooo perfectly. ( I mean, "Maybe it is all a test, cause I feel like I'm the worst, so I always act like I'm the best"!)   I just had to do this. And it was a lot of fun!

streaming+ download here on lj and here on dw
__marcelo July 28 2014, 14:13

I don't know if I posted this already, but it's worth re-posting anyway

Emily Dickinson

by Linda Pastan

We think of her hidden in a white dress
among the folded linens and sachets
of well kept cupboards, or just out of sight
sending jellies and notes with no address
to all the wondering Amherst neighbors.
Eccentric as New England weather
the stiff wind of her mind, stinging or gentle,
blew two half imagined lovers off.
Yet legend won't explain the sheer sanity
of vision, the serious mischief
of language, the economy of pain.

The last three lines are the best description I have seen of her poetry.
sabrina_il July 28 2014, 13:43


GUYS, I'M GOING TO LONDON! Who wants to meet up?

I will be there September 26th to October 1st (I leave early in the morning on Oct 2nd). Will be staying with [personal profile] cesy, south of the river.


(Especially if you want to hang out on weekdays since [personal profile] cesy will be away and I would love someone to do stuff with/have dinner with/etc.)

Also, if you are NOT in London please be aware that I will also be in Germany and France in September-October. The schedule for that isn't totally figured out yet, and I'll post when it is, but meanwhile - let me know if either of those places is better for you for a meetup (if you haven't let me know already).

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mendori July 28 2014, 12:05

My tweets

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