David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

Lois Lane #86: A fanfic waiting to happen

There are some crazy inventions in the DCU, many of which lend themselves to being coopted by devious writers of fanfic. I think I may have the best one here, though.

That's up there with the spankbot, if you ask me. You don't have to be a slasher to see the potential in that thing. I can see thete1's fic now:

SUPES. "Thanks for everything, Titans. The JLA will take it from here."
MIA. "Wait. You expect us to take off for the Tower while you're out there fighting... whatever that interdimensional thing is?"
SUPES. "You'll have to wait here in the Fortress of Solitude. Don't wander too far. If we need you, we'll call." *exits*
BART. "What's this?"
KON. "I dunno. Superman brought it back from the future or something."
BART. "Hey, it says 'True Love Detector!'"
KON. "No way."
BART. "How come it started glowing when you picked it up?"
KORY. *enters* "Sorry I'm late. What did Superman say?"
KON. "Oh, I'm not this lucky."
TIM. *enters right behind Kory* "Hi, guys."
BART. "Yeah, Kon, but are you that lucky?
KON. "Please, let it be Kory. Please, let it be Kory."
TIM. *takes detector* "What's this? And why did it start glowing when I picked it up?"
KON. *facepalm*

I don't know enough about SGA to know if it'd fit in there, but hell, that's never stopped anybody before!

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