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Comics geekery: single panels you've gotta love.

Y'know when you're reading comics and come across a panel that tickles you immensely?

Here are some of mine.

It's all about the black eye.

I just love Lois's facial expression in this panel. The hair and black eye really help to sell the scene. So do Lois's visible, impotently flailing hands and the robot's scolding finger.

Mad Woman of Metropolis!

Maybe this is bad of me, but I think disheveled!crazy!Lois looks really, really hot.

The artist, by the way, is Kurt Schaffenberger, and he's officially my favorite DC artist, ever. I honestly think he may be the finest the company ever had. There's just something about the cleanness of his lines and the flow of his panels. The work is a joy to look at; the instant you look at a panel you know *exactly* what's going on in every part of the scene, and his facial expressions are always a delight.

Actually, this post could probably be called "David fanboys Kurt Schaffenberger," because all the illustrations in this post are from his stories for SUPERMAN'S GIRL FRIEND, LOIS LANE.

A freak ain't nothin' but a freak.

What can you say here? You can't. Everything about this panel is absolutely perfect, and it says everything that needs to be said.

Actually, I think this panel has a kind of "New Yorker" cartoon feel to it.

That first panel is just for context.

The device on Lois's back sets off a bell whenever she feels jealous (unless she muffles the bell with something -- like, say, her powder puff). So, naturally, Superman torments her all day by taking her around to watch him meet his old girlfriends. Dick.

The second panel is what gets me here. Look at Lori's posture, and that expression on her face. She really doesn't want this to be happening, but she's hoping if she just ignores Superman's little trip down memory lane, he'll get the hint and shut up before she's forced to issue the inevitable smackdown. It's terribly uncomfortable to watch, and awfully sad. You feel pity for him, but more for Lori -- hell, she never asked for this.

Superman. Dude. It's over. Let her go.

(Even if she is still wearing the pearls.)

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Something about this panel from a Supes-marries-Lana imaginary story is just fraught with tragedy. Lois is broken, yet determined to move on; but we know that determination is doomed: Clark-bot is, after all, an android. But it's the ellipses in Clark-bot's speech that sells this one for me: he may be a robot, but he understands what Lois is thinking and he feels bad for her. And you get the sense he may feel a little regret for himself, too.

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Another from that same imaginary story, and there's just so much to love here. Just to bring you up to speed: Superman's married Lana, and he's given her permanent superpowers. Of course, since she's not Kryptonian, Kryptonite has no effect on her. Which means that, since Kryptonite is as common as feldspar in the Silver Age, Superman's days now consist of getting rescued by Lana over and over and over again.

You don't really need that caption at the top, though it provides some context; what sells this is a great combination of things. That newscaster, combined with Superman's slumped, hangdog look -- "oh, television, twist the knife, why don't you?" -- is terrific. But I also love Lana's expression -- she just walked in on her husband lamenting his lost virility. You can see how bad she feels for him, but she's also feeling really awkward about it.

(At the end of this imaginary story, Super-Lana left her increasingly hapless husband because she realized that if she stayed her love would only turn to pity. I guess the next time this Superman ran into some Kryptonite, he died.)

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