David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

Five things: Delenn and Alfred Pennyworth

cereta asked for five things Delenn has often thought but will never, ever say:

1. "Londo, in the name of Valen, SHUT UP!"

2. "John, your father is a very nice man, but if he talks about corn one more time, I will kill him myself and use his blood as the mark of my entry into the warrior caste."

3. "Mr. Garibaldi -- nice butt!"

4. “I wouldn’t change my situation for the world – but if I had known Sinclair's destiny earlier, I might have postponed my transformation and gone with him.”

5. “Lennier, do you know that you would look very sweet in a collar?”

(sorry, sorry...)

brown_betty asked for five things Alfred Pennyworth tells reporters:

1. "No comment."

2. "No comment."

3. "No comment."

4. "No comment."

5. "…Mr. Wayne was seen where? Doing what? With whom? …by the Gotham Rotary Club, during their tour of the Wayne Tower observation deck? …and they’re quite sure he was in the pool on the level below, swimming nude with three young women? …one of whom was the governor’s daughter? …thirty-seven scrupulously reliable witnesses? I see. No comment."


ALFRED. "My background? After a brief career in the theater, then national service in the military and in another government capacity the details of which I am not free to divulge, I followed the family tradition and entered service. I suspect I am the only butler in Gotham City society with a thorough background in combat medicine."
REPORTER. "Look, Mac, if you don’t wanna talk, just say so." )

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