David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

Five things part 2: Krypto and Cass

For marag, five things Krypto has brought Superboy:

1. Endless grief.

2. The headless remains of a 500-foot space squirrel.

3. I-beams. Lots of I-beams. (“No, Krypto, dammit, DON’T FETCH!”)

4. A brachiosaurus femur. Which he buried in one of Jonathan’s crop fields.

5. Attention from girls, when Kon puts on his glasses, takes off Krypto’s cape, and gets the mutt to wear a leash. Krypto is a chick magnet, and attractive females often ask Kon if they can stroke Krypto’s tail, or skritch his ears, or rub his belly. None of them have asked to rub Kon’s belly, yet, but he’s hoping it’s just a matter of time.

For odditycollector, Five things Cassandra Cain said that no one understood:

“The avalanche has already started. It is too late for the pebbles to vote.” -- oh, wait, that’s from the list of five things KOSH said that no one understood…

1. During No Man’s Land, when Cass worked as a runner for Oracle, she openly envied Barbara her father. She couldn’t talk then, and he didn’t know her language, so she never said it so Jim understood, but she thought he was everything a father was supposed to be, and more. He didn’t ask Barbara to kill anybody, and even when he was angry at her he hadn’t shot her even once.

2. Once Cass went to a party with Barbara and got to dance with Batman while he was pretending to be Bruce Wayne. She told him how silly he was being, but he was too busy pretending with his body language to listen to hers, so after the next twirl she caught him in a wristlock for a fraction of a second before he reversed it. Then the woman in the expensive dress who was pretending not to be Catwoman cut in, and hissed at Cass to stop flirting.

3. When she said, “I need a hug,” Batman understood, eventually, but not until they’d gotten into a fight that crossed the city and nearly destroyed a bridge. It was worth it.

4. She never knew if Shiva understood when Cass’s nerve strike, despite herself, said “I love you,” or if she just didn’t give a damn.

5. Nobody else was in the room, and Steph couldn’t hear her when she said good-bye.

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