David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

Bond. James Bond.

The new Casino Royale trailer is up. It's a hell of a trailer, and I'm jazzed for the film now. Daniel Craig has had some rough press, but you know what? I think he'll do fine. He got slagged because of Brosnan's acrimonious departure, which is a little unfair, especially since nobody picked on the producers.

(As ever, they did a classic "fuck you" to their departing star; according to Brosnan, he'd been lobbying them to do a less techy, less flashy, more back-to-basics Bond flick, and their reaction was to replace him. And then they decided to do a less techy, less flashy, more back-to-basics Bond flick with the new guy. That's just rubbing salt in the wound. But y'know what? As a viewer, I still get a back-to-basics Bond flick. And that's cool. Because I've wanted to see one of those for a while.)

One nice thing about Daniel Craig: he's not a pretty-boy. If anything, he goes the other way: surly, beefy, a little pockmarked. He has a different kind of charisma. And I have to say I like that. The studios' obsession with youth has led them to cast ever-younger, or younger-looking, actors and actresses, and it's getting really boring. I like heroines who look like grown women, and I like my heroes to look like grown men.
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