David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

Ah, uselessness

Last few days: uneventful. Much time was spent lounging about in consumership of entertainment. Also, reorganizing my computer's bookmarks.

Notable books read: John Moore's humorous fantasy -- a little less satirical than Pratchett, lacking recurring characters and characters, and MAN can he tell a story. Moore basically tells screwball comedies set in fairy-tale kingdoms; his books are breezy, light, and laugh-out-loud funny. They're sort of like THE PRINCESS BRIDE (good parts version) on crack. Really wonderful stuff; I'll post an excerpt or two sometime when I get off my butt. Did some stuff around the house for Ma, but not so much as to make her alarmed. Important balance: if you get too helpful, parents start to worry.
Tags: life

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