David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

the whirlwind tour

Back from Ma's now, and running around catching up with friends and trying to organize stuff. I'm also trying to organize a lengthy sojourn in Canada, probably Toronto. (Though Vancouver is still a slight possibility.)

The Princess and I spent a couple of days at Disney World. I was especially impressed by Animal Kingdom, which is a hell of a production; the amount of sculpting and texturing, in particular, is remarkable; going from Magic Kingdom to Animal Kingdom lets you see thirty years of materials improvements in one jump. Expedition Everest, in particular, is a hell of a ride. Exciting, fun, scary, brilliantly constructed. I'm absolutely amazed that Disney actually BUILT A MOUNTAIN for it.

Also, just to make katemonkey jealous: I did go through the new PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. The refurbishment is very well done, and the addition of Jack Sparrow seems nicely handled. He appears maybe three times, and is mentioned by name once or twice; the film elements don't distract from the rest of the experience.
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