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I felt the need for a new carry pistol, so went on down to the old gun shop. Harry's gone, but before he died he talked to the folks who run some other successful local shops to see about taking his store over. They bought it, and they're keeping his name on the place. It's a different environment, but they've done a good job of shuffling things around, and they have a good gun-shop dog. Also, the staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

It was a three-gun day, because they had some great deals on. The new carry piece is a PT-145 Taurus semi-automatic in .45 ACP; it's probably not going to be my final carry gun, but it's a decent interim piece in a good caliber, and the price was very reasonable. I also picked up a Ruger Mark III, for .22 plinking. Good gun for teaching folks to shoot, and I've wanted one for a while.

The final purchase was entirely serendipitous. The gunshop actually had a four-barreled COP (Concealed Off-Duty Police) pistol on hand. I'd seen one in conjunction with a case once, but never elsewhere, and it's a really interesting device. They're reported to be a bit finicky, but as a collectors' piece it's pretty dang nifty. Especially for an SF fan, because Leon used one to shoot the psychiatrist in BLADE RUNNER.

(And why I love the internet: the wiki on the COP led to a little article on "insurgency weapons," the most famous of which is the Liberator, and several of which were entirely unfamiliar to me. I'd never heard of the Soviet S4M pistol, for example. It also led me to look up the COP's designer, Robert Hillberg, with the result that I now want a Colt Defender.)

Movies recently watched: SUPERMAN II (Richard Donner cut), which is interesting but despite fanboy speculation not as good as the Donner/Lester version, and STRANGER THAN FICTION, which is remarkably good and has a spectacular cast. (I'd watch a sequel just about Emma Thompson and Queen Latifah, who make a terrific pair.)
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