David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

super bowl, not so yay

This Super Bowl was fun, but not quite as much fun as I was hoping. You see, I did undergrad at the University of Chicago, and I'm a doctoral student at the University of Florida, which produced Rex Grossman. I thus had a moral imperative: I had to root for Da Bears. And drink a lot of beer while doing so. That is, a lot for me, which means, um, one pitcher plus a pint. But I had a gin and tonic and a rum and coke later! ...which still isn't a huge amount, I know, but my tolerance is pretty low these days.

What a heartbreak. The Bears started with that glorious runback, then took another early score, and then it was all downhill. *sniffle* The pouring rain made it a lot of fun to watch, with the ball squirting around like a pumpkin seed. Back-to-back turnovers, not once, but *twice.* Even worse: watching it on a Canadian station, I missed the vast majority of the Super Bowl commercials. Ah, well -- at least now we have YouTube!

Congrats to the Colts. The bastards.
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