David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

SUPERNATURAL: that Trickster thing

Dear John Shiban,

You are not Darin Morgan. And that's okay. So please, don't try.

You did this exact same shtick on THE X-FILES, back when half the writers on THE X-FILES, Chris Carter included, were trying to be like Darin Morgan so they could win an Emmy just like he did. That was ten years ago. Chris Carter isn't your boss anymore so you don't have to fake being Darin Morgan in order to impress him, and while SUPERNATURAL is a really fun show nobody is going to be looking at it for the Emmys, anyway. You weren't Darin Morgan then, you aren't Darin Morgan now, and you aren't going to magically become Darin Morgan any time in the future, so don't try. Let it go, man. Just be the best John Shiban you can be.

And if you get stuck for an episode idea in the future, please don't file off the serial numbers on one of your X-FILES episodes and reuse it. Or, if you absolutely must, please pick one that didn't suck the first time.

No love,


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