David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

A Song of Ice and Fire

So, I'm reading George R.R. Martin's epic bookbrick fantasy series, and enjoying the hell out of it. This is a little unusual, as I'm usually philosophically opposed to epic fantasy series that do not end, particularly the bookbricks. (Bookbrick, n.: a book so large and heavy that, with a few other copies and some mortar, you could build a mighty wall.) LORD OF THE RINGS, the original epic fantasy trilogy, was originally split into three books by Tolkien's publisher due to paper shortages, and I've never understood why so many people felt they had to write three-book series just because of a business decision occasioned by hard times in Europe. Then, of course, the SEVEN book series became the new ideal. (I don't know how many books there are in THE WHEEL OF TIME, and frankly I don't care; I tried to read the first book once and just *couldn't.*) Typically, I'm in agreement with Tolkien's unimpressed colleague, who, when JRR gave readings in the faculty lounge, was heard to remark from the depths of his armchair on the introduction of yet another new character: "Oh, Christ. Not another fucking elf."

But A GAME OF THRONES and its sequels are terrific so far. Don't spoil me for anything if you've read more than I have; I'm just starting book three, and want to remain unspoiled till I catch up. HBO is reportedly going to be making a TV series out of it, ala ROME, and it could definitely work. Cost a hell of a lot, but HBO has piles of money. Favorite character so far: Tyrion, in a walk. I am such a sucker for Richard III types, especially the misunderstood ones.
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