David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

best novel back cover copy ever

I found a used copy of The Wolf's Hour, by Robert McCammon, for fifty cents at a used bookstore. When I read the back cover, I had to buy it. This is why.

D-Day is threatened, but one man could rip
the heart out of the Nazis -- with his bare claws...


He is Michael Gallatin, master spy, lover -- and werewolf. Able to change shape with lightning speed, to kill silently or with savage, snarling fury, he proved his talents against Rommel in Africa. Now he faces his most delicate, dangerous mission: to unravel the secret Nazi plan known as Iron Fist. From a parachute jump into occupied France to the lush corruption of Berlin, from the arms of a beautiful spy to the cold embrace of a madman's death machine, Gallatin draws ever closer to the ghastly truth about Iron Fist. But with only hours to D-Day, he is trapped in the Nazis' web of destruction...

Robert R. McCammon breaks the mold of the werewolf novel with THE WOLF'S HOUR, combining a remarkable tale of pulse-pounding excitement with a uniquely sympathetic, fascinating portrait of the werewolf as noble warrior -- and conflicted being. Complex, compelling and utterly real, Michael Gallatin deserves a place of honor in the pantheon of great fictional heroes.

Whoever wrote that copy, my hat is off to you. I hope to hell you got a raise. That is the absolute best back cover copy I have ever read, a note-perfect blend of insanity and glorious hucksterism. I don't know how the book is yet, but McCammon wrote one of my favorite superhero short stories ever, so I have good hopes.

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