David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

short shameful confession

A sad moment in fanboyhood: I thought I was being clever in my last story by calling the law firm "Peabody, Dicker, and Pending," as I recalled that to be the name of Ambush Bug's lawyers. Then I reread the Ambush Bug miniseries and discovered to my chagrin that no, Peabody (*cough cough cough* "So.") and partners were the Bug's marketing firm. Fellow fans will perhaps understand that realizing you have misremembered a minor running gag from a twenty-year-old comic book can ruin your whole day. I feel like I blew my geek roll.

The law firm is now "Grabemann and Ross." Which is arguably even more obscure, but at least they're a law firm in the DCU!
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