David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

Holocaust denial, again. Not where you'd think.

Holocaust denial is nothing new in the Middle East, but it's downright frightening to see it here:

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - More than a quarter of Israeli Arabs deny the Holocaust took place, a new survey has found, calling the findings a reflection of the depth of disaffection felt by the Jewish state's core minority.

The independent poll released this week also found that many of the Arabs, who make up a fifth of Israel's population, feel subject to racism and fear possible deportation more than six years into a Palestinian uprising.

According to the Haifa University survey, 28 percent of Israel's Arab citizens do not believe the Nazi killing of six million Jews during World War Two occurred.

"Depth of disaffection" is not the term I would use, but never mind. The Haifa University survey was taken of only 721 people, and there's no details of what methodology they used, but it's nonetheless stunning that no representative of the Israeli Arab community told Reuters, "WTF? That survey can't be right; those numbers are insane." In response to other questions, 67 percent of those surveyed agreed that Zionism was inherently racist, 60 percent said they feared that the government of Israel was sufficiently malevolent as to deport them en masse, and 67.5 percent said they'd want to remain citizens under said Israeli government even if there were a Palestinian state.

Meanwhile, on March 8th, Hamas TV interviewed two kindergarteners whose mother died as a suicide bomber.

INTERVIEWER. "Let's talk with the two children of the jihad-fighting martyrdom-seeker Rim Al-Riyashi, Dhoha and Muhammad. Dhoha, you love Mama, right? Where did Mama go?"
DHOHA. "To Paradise."
INTERVIEWER. "What did Mama do?"
DHOHA. "She committed martyrdom."
INTERVIEWER. "She killed Jews, right? How many did she kill, Muhammad?"
INTERVIEWER. "How many Jews did Mama kill?"
MUHAMMAD. *holds up fingers* "This many."
INTERVIEWER. "How many is that?"
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