David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
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Ads for Captivity

Elisha Cuthbert is in a new horror flick on the HOSTEL model, called CAPTIVITY. The company charged with promoting it whipped up a truly gruesome women-in-refrigerators poster campaign, which you can see here. The ads were summarily rejected by the MPAA, and the producers put ‘em on billboards anyway.

A lot of folks in LA and the show business community got upset at having to look at these billboards while driving to work or walking down the street, and called for the MPAA to provide sanctions that would have financial effect. Put whatever you want in the movie, they’re saying, but have a little care in what you put up on a public street. The MPAA is withholding certification, which means the movie isn’t going to be getting rated till the MPAA is good and ready. A lot of theaters won’t show unrated films, so the delay and possible lack of rating is a major impediment to the guys who made the movie making money from a theatrical release.

Interesting to note: one of the signatories against the flick is Marti Noxon, who, as a BUFFY writer/producer, had the ghost of a woman murdered by her lover tell the ghost of said lover that she loved him with her last breath, even after he gunned her down, and had Buffy Summers go into a downward spiral that saw the One Girl in All the World let a soulless psychopathic vampire bend her over a railing and fuck her from behind in the middle of a crowded club. I’m glad to see some concern from her with how women are presented in the media; I just wish she’d had it a few years ago.
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