David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

MJ, did you throw out your back?

So, via ficbyzee I found this, which is simply awful. The basic concept isn't completely horrible in and of itself; it could have been kind of a cute domestic visual, like those great Ditko/Romita panels of Peter sewing up holes in his Spidey suit (and hey, that would be an *adorable* statue -- they always drew Peter looking terribly determined but frustrated, and it'd be a hoot in three dimensions if the sculptor could get the facial expression right). But the folks at Sideshow elected to sex it up; MJ is bent over, barefoot, with strategically ripped jeans, arching her back (ow ow ow), and wearing a tight shirt showing nineteen kinds of cleavage. Also, her thong is on display, and her abdomen is horribly narrow compared to the rest of her, to the point that you wonder what happened to her liver.

The text in the catalog is actually the capper: the consummate "girl next door," Mary Jane discovers that her superhero husband has slipped some of his laundry into the mix, but she's not looking too displeased about Peter's naughty little transgression. ...um, yeah.

(Also: MJ? Not the girl next door. I know in the movies she is, but in the comics, she's not, and one of the things that makes her so interesting to Peter in their early days is that she moves in completely different circles than he does.)

Who the heck buys these things? It ain't me.
Tags: comics, fandom

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