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ah, romance. with werewolves.

I know that some folks I know (liviapenn, I'm lookin' at you!) dig the romance novels, so I thought I'd hip you to one that might be worth your time. What is Our Hero doing reading this, you ask? Let me tell you: I found it while traveling, read a few pages, and bought it *just so I could mention it here.* Hey, I am a man of simple amusements, and one of 'em is hipping people I know to stuff they might find entertaining.

The book is NEW MOON, by Rebecca York, and it is a wowzer. Let's check out the back cover:

Landscape architect Logan Marshall is out for a jog -- in his werewolf form -- when a trap catches his paw. As it saps his strength, he is saved by another werewolf, who -- to Logan's amazement -- is female.

Female werewolves aren't supposed to exist. But Rinna is a shape-shifter from another dimension who's traveled through a portal to this world. [. . . ]

Sorry, I have to cut it off there, because I think my head just exploded from the awesome. Yes, he is a surly (but sensitive!) man-beast named Logan, and the heady description of him realizing he's found his mate may snap you back seven years to an internet aswarm with Logan/Rogue fanfic. But it's not L/R altfic. Just, you know, werewolf romance. Better, there is a whole series of these: standalones, of course, as romance novels need to have new couples, but they're loosely connected and there's a ton of 'em: SHADOW OF THE MOON, in which "A journalist investigates a sinister world of power and pleasure -- alongside a woman who knows how to bring out the animal in him;" CRIMSON MOON, in which "A young werewolf bent on protecting the environment ends up protecting a lumber baron's daughter -- a woman who arouses his hunger like no other;" and -- among others -- WITCHING MOON, which is my immediate favorite just from the description: "A werewolf and a sexy botanist investigate a swamp steeped in superstition, legend, and death." A werewolf and a sexy botanist. My God. That's *cracktastic.* It's like reading Silver Age comic books. Only, y'know, with porn.

You want an excerpt? Here y'go.

The forest at night was his playground, his domain. And werewolf Logan Marshall ran for the sheer joy of taking in his kingdom. A lithe gray shape, he was one with the night, the wind ruffling his fur and the sounds and scents of the night tantalizing his senses.

Tomorrow he would go back to work, focusing on the project that had brought him to this patch of Maryland woods. Tonight he ran free. Or as free as a man could be who must try to fit into two very different worlds.

His campsite was a mile back, in a patch of woods scheduled to be demolished by developers in the next few months. It made him sick to think that next year this magnificent hardwood stand would disappear -- driving the forest creatures who lived here from their homes.

But tonight he could enjoy the ripple of the wind in the trees and the moonlight dappling the leaves.

He was two miles from camp when a new sensation crept into the edge of his consciousness.

No ordinary human would have noticed the subtle difference in the night air. But a werewolf was blessed with senses that no man, except his brothers and his cousins, possessed.

He stopped short, lifting his head and dragging in a deep draft of the humid air. Unfamiliar scents tickled his nose. It was as though a door had opened, letting in dank air that had come from some other time and place.

In this one patch of woods, he sensed a rip in the very fabric of the universe.

A rip in the fabric of the universe? Yeah, right.

I should probably read some others of these sometime, because I know some fanauthors who've made the jump from fanfic to romance novels, and it's a little embarrassing that I've loved their fic so much and never checked out any of their published work. A guy thing, I guess. Besides, there are all these REMO WILLIAMS novels just waiting to be read...
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