David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

back from the land o' Te and Jack

I have returned! ...as far as Ma's. Took a side trip for a few days to visit Te and Jack (and Jack's cat Tara, who camped out over my crotch and thus ensured the preservation of my virtue). A dandy time was had by all, with good fannishness, food, and fellowship; there was movie-watching and music-playing aplenty, and also discussion of text, subtext, and the need for pants. I've been online for almost fifteen years now, and it never ceases to be interesting to meet somebody in person after you've talked to them online for a few years.

And now I'm of a mind to make a zillion posts related to stuff we did, including my long-delayed review of A FACE IN THE CROWD, which is a movie everybody ought to see, and stuff about Tony Jaa and DCU music. Also, fannish stuff involving Sherlock Holmes and the DCU and I have some WiPs and... um, I still have stuff to fix up around Ma's house. Well, it should be a busy little while, anyway.
Tags: fandom, life

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