David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

twenty years ago tomorrow...

I have to get on the road, so meme responses will be delayed... but before I go, I wanted to mention that tomorrow is the twentieth anniversary of the release of PREDATOR, which came out on 12 June 1987.


I feel so old now, it is not even funny.

Twenty years of "Doo it, Doo it, I'm heeah, kill me, I'm heeah!" "Ruuuunnn! Get to thuh CHOPPAHHH!!!" Twenty years of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Carl Weathers out-biceping each other. Twenty years of the great Bill Duke saying, "You ghostin' us, motherfucker!" Twenty years of possibly the most testosterone-filled moment in movie history. (Regrettably, that clip stops before you see the HUGE CLEARING they made.)

Tomorrow would be a great day to go out into the Florida brush and have a PREDATOR commemorative Class III (fully-automatic) shoot. Unfortunately, I'm not back in Florida yet, I'm not licensed for Class III, and I can't afford the amount of ammunition the guys touch off in the epic brush-clearing scene. And you know how that makes me feel?
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