David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

EngineKitty LOLcat winner!

It's LOLcat contest winner time! Sorry for the delay on this one, folks, but I wanted to announce the prize in this email, and it took me a while, because I wanted to give out something memorable. I considered LITTLE FUZZY, but decided I wanted something a little weirder. Then I had to decide: Philip Jose Farmer's Tarzan/Doc Savage slash novel, A FEAST UNKNOWN? Norman Spinrad's SF-novel-as-if-written-by-Adolf-Hitler, THE IRON DREAM? But, in the end, I settled on the ideal prize. And now it goes to a winner!

There were many fine LOLcat entries (and some not-quite-LOLcat; via email, my friend Denise went the motivational poster route). I was very fond of many of them (brown_betty's "I has a refuj!" mendori's "WHUT? IS WARM" (along with the via-email "I'm in ur car, replacing ur plugwires") were great, but! I have a few finalists:

5th place goes to lomedet, who gave two particularly fine entries: I'M IN UR ENJIN, SNUGLIN UR HOSES and I CAN HAS SPRKPLUG? (dornbeast also made a good similar play with "Can I has socket wrench an timing lite now?" but lomedet's LOLcat is more fluent.)

In 4th place, sistercoyote: OH, HAI! DID YOU WANT TO GO SOMEWHEREZ?

...because, yes. That was *exactly* it.

Coming in 3rd is selki: EATN UR HOZEZ NOM NOM NOM

I am a sucker for onomatopeia. Nom nom nom, indeed.

2nd place goes to my buddy Ash, who submitted his image through email:

Bad motivator!  No biscuit!

And THE WINNER, for succintness, sweetness, and sheer LOLcat style, is arashinomoui for: "Ur ngin purz."

And what does the lucky winner get? Oh, sheer delight! The prize: one copy of NEW MOON, by Rebecca York! Yes, it's a werewolf romance novel, one of many in York's loosely connected series, and while I regret that this is not the novel featuring a werewolf and a sexy botanist, it has joys aplenty, and it is guaranteed to have far less sex in it than your typical Laurel K. Hamilton romp.

Congratulation to the winner, and thanks to all for playing. arashiomoui, email my username at gmail with mailing info to claim your prize!
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