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THE WORST WITCH: Tim Currier than I'd remembered

Spending a few days with my friends Ash and Denise. We've been having fun. The range report is forthcoming; short version is that I tried out my Concealed Off-Duty Police, finally, and then got to play with a PS-90, which is the civilian (semi-automatic) version of the P-90. It's a neat little bullpup rifle, very flat profile, lots of plastic, firing the new 5.7x28mm round. Only fired fifty rounds through it, but it was fun to shoot. Sights suck, though.

The other highlight of the weekend: MEAD. We were at the market looking for yummies, and I offered to buy wine and cheese for dessert. What kind of wine? Oh, I dunno, maybe -- HOLY CRAP THEY HAVE MEAD. I hadn't had any in about twelve years, and then it was from a guy who made his own. So we bought it ("Ragnar's Reserve," with a cheerful Viking on the label). And it was very good. Denise is weird in that different kinds of alcohol affect her in different ways. Mead, we found, reduces her to a giggling puddle. This, of course, was highly entertaining. So all three of us got meaded up and watched THE WORST WITCH. The hour-long special from 1986 or so. Starring the young Fairuza Balk. And Diana Rigg (as "Miss Hardbroom" (!)). And, of course, Tim Curry as the Grand Wizard.

Wow. That was highly entertaining. Watching THE WORST WITCH, with Ragnar's aid, makes you see lots of really wrong and disturbing things and go AAACCKKK NOOOOOO. There are lines of dialogue that... yeah, well, we won't even go there, but Ragnar did help me to realize that Tim Curry delivered all of his lines as if he were actually having sex while acting. It was downright eerie.

We also decided that Ragnar should have an animated series. He's a magical Viking who comes off the bottle to help children! But he drinks mead constantly, and when the whole bottle is consumed he vanishes back onto the label. Sort of like Rubik, the Amazing Cube. Only with booze.

It is possible that we were slightly drunk.
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