David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

space tourism, yay!

I'm not too worried about the existence of the super-rich. Because the more obnoxious dimwits there are who lay out more cash than I'll earn in my life for a gold-plated iPhone encrusted with rubies, the more likely it is that one or two cool cats will have the cash to pull off something like this. That's right: the guys who've been sending folks up into space for quick tourism are now looking into a *private moonshot.* Two people, plus a pilot, circumnavigating the moon. They're not actually going to go into orbit, and they certainly aren't landing. Yet.

Cost: a cool hundred million per seat.

Maybe I'm an eccentric, but I can't help but think that'd be a *hell* of a honeymoon cruise. ("Where do you want to go, darling? Paris? China? Niagara Falls?" "Baby, how about the moon?") I'd love to see some crazy billionaire pull that off as a publicity stunt.

My favorite space tourist so far was the guy who created Microsoft Word. When he flew up from Russia, he took a boxed lunch specially made for him. *By Martha Stewart.*

Now that's conspicuous consumption with style.
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