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David Hines [userpic]

The TRANSFORMERS movie is worth it just for this

June 29th, 2007 (09:44 pm)
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On one hand, I grew up with the Transformers. On the other, I hate Michael Bay. So, I should be torn over the forthcoming movie, right? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Does it matter?

And the answer is: no, it does not. Because it means we get what is officially the best product tie-in for any movie ever: the Optimus Prime Voice-Changer Helmet. It is *seriously* awesome. I got one for my friend Ash for his birthday, and promptly wound up playing with it quite a lot as soon as he unwrapped it. For starters: it is a plastic helmet shaped like the head of Optimus Prime. That you can wear. This ALONE would get it points. It's a gorgeous sculpt, very impressively made, and it's well worth the money just for that. But it also has a switch/button combo that, when you hit it, makes your voice into a simulacrum of Optimus Prime's. OK, you do not, in fact, sound exactly like Peter Cullen, but you can get sorta kinda close to a robotified version of yourself doing your best impression of Peter Cullen. AND THAT AIN'T BAD. Especially if you decide to start experimenting with things that Optimus Prime would never, ever say:

ASH. "I love you, Rodimus."
HINES. "No, really, say something Optimus would never say."

(He is going to wear the Prime Helmet to the film premiere. Oh, yes, he is. For the record: our favorite thing Optimus would never say was, "Fuck you, Bumblebee.")


Posted by: Dammit, Clark's penis is going in *something*. (thete1)
Posted at: June 30th, 2007 02:04 am (UTC)
Timmy approves!

I think this calls for a voice post!

ASH. "I love you, Rodimus."
HINES. "No, really, say something Optimus would never say."

I was never even a *fan*, but that cracks my shit up. <3

Posted by: beatrice_otter (beatrice_otter)
Posted at: June 30th, 2007 03:57 am (UTC)

Never watched Transformers, no clue who Optimus Prime is, but I'm glad you're having fun.

I just have to comment about your icon. D'you read any Star Wars Extended Universe stuff? I used to read everything that came out. Anyway, before it became a big thing, back in the late '80s when it wasn't a regular line of merchandise and no bit arc and no plans for anything further, they released a trilogy of books called the Han Solo trilogy. Now, they aren't very good. They're the adventures of Han and Chewie in the Millenium Falcon, in the years leading up to Episode IV, and they're fairly typical cheesy pulp sf.

But. But, but, but. There is one line in one of the books (I forget which--it might be Han Solo at Star's End) that makes reading them all worth it. Han: "I happen to like shooting first. As opposed to shooting last."

Oh, yeah. That's the way it should be. And when Lucas released the original theatrical Han-shot-first-dammit edition on DVD this last Christmas, I picked up a copy immediately. Because he did shoot first.

Posted by: David Hines (hradzka)
Posted at: July 7th, 2007 02:35 pm (UTC)

Never read the STAR WARS novels much; Zahn's didn't do anything for me, and Anderson's repelled me with the force of a thousand firey suns.

Han Solo is exactly the kind of guy who would shoot somebody who isn't expecting it to save his own skin. Note to Lucas: that's why his returning for the battle is a big thing.

Posted by: beatrice_otter (beatrice_otter)
Posted at: July 7th, 2007 04:15 pm (UTC)

Anderson's were crap. I love Zahn's novels, though. Mara Jade is my favorite SW character, including the ones who were in any of the movies.

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