David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

showdown at the Red Mosque

Pakistan is moving against the militants. There was a stand-off of a few days, punctuated by gunfire; now, it is on. Lots of gunfire and explosions, many people reported killed.

Musharraf may actually pull this off. Maybe. One of the two brothers running the mosque was arrested while attempting to flee wearing a burkha. The other stayed in and is hopefully either dead or in custody. The question is what happens to them now. Pakistani prisons can be notoriously porous, but Musharraf might not be able to take the fall-out from having them summarily shot. He's still #1 on my list of "world leaders most likely to be assassinated."

In other news, did you know that Syria has reinvaded Lebanon? They're evacuating their civilians, saying that they expect unrest by July 15th. Also, Turkey's got 140,000 troops on the border of Iraq.

Watching history unfold is an uneasy and uncertain thing. There are times I feel like I'm watching the nineteen thirties repeat themselves. On other days, it feels like the spring of 1914.

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