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"Never had I ever" ficlets

In case you haven't seen it, petronelle is hosting a DCU fanfic version of the drinking game "Never have I ever." No drinking is involved, but quite a lot of writing is. I share some blame for the concept, but had no hand in the rules, which are quite clever. This could conceivably be played in any number of fandoms. Here's how it works:

  1. Post a comment beginning "Never have I ever written..." and then complete as you like. For example, "Never have I ever written Harry Potter fic with a character death."

  2. Read through the "Never have I ever" posts. If someone has posted one that describes something you've written before, you have to reply to that comment with a new ficlet about the same thing. So, if one of the comments is, say, "Never have I ever written a Harley Quinn and Starfire fic," then I would have to post a ficlet with those characters, because I've written a story with them in it.

  3. For every three ficlets you post, you get to post one more "Never have I ever."

The comments are getting rather numerous, so here are the links to my ficlets in Petra's post:

"Never have I ever written a story in which Cassandra Cain has daddy issues" here, "Never have I ever written a story in which a character says, 'I love you,' " here, and "Never have I ever written the Joker with anyone" here. (Also, I have a sort-of ficlet response in the comments for this ficlet of Te's.)
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