David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

the 35W bridge in Minneapolis has collapsed during rush hour

The bridge is around 1900 feet long. It goes over the Mississippi River and was built in 1967. The built was under construction, and had been for a while. There were construction crews, and commuters, on the bridge. Cars are in the water. Cars are on fire. There are fires underneath the bridge. The bridge collapsed onto roads underneath and into the river. The entire span went down, and the pans over the length of devastation are horrifying.

I haven't seen CNN's coverage yet, but FOX has gone local; they've got their Minneapolis newscasters broadcasting nationally, and it's a good choice because they've all been there for years and are very familiar with the area and the bridge construction. All of them are stunned; the only thing they can think to compare it to is California earthquake destruction. They all remember previous Minneapolis accidents, and nothing comes close to this; one newscaster thinks it may be the worst disaster in the history of the state. It's horrifying.

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