David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

the rumored next DOCTOR WHO is...

I don't know if or when David Tennant is leaving the show, but there's a new rumor about who the next guy is likely to be.

According to the DAILY MAIL, the next Doctor Who is likely to be James Nesbitt, who worked with Stephen Moffat on JEKYLL. Moffat, who's written the new series's scariest episodes, is going to take over show-running from Davies, and the MAIL reports that the SUN was told by an anonymous source that when Tennant decides it's time to regenerate, Nesbitt is probably in.

Of course, we should take this with a grain of salt: the DAILY MAIL can't spell "Daleks" right. But for my money, the best part of the whole thing is that one of the other candidates for the role was rumored to be Jason Statham.


I just can't even *begin* to imagine what kind of Doctor Who he'd make. The concept rides the border between awesome and terrifying. It'd be like the ALL-STAR BATMAN AND ROBIN version of DOCTOR WHO, so ridiculous you can't even wrap your brain around it. A Jason Statham Doctor would be like Colin Baker with an injection of Jon Pertwee's Venusian aikido: he'd be running around like a maniac beating the tar out of people, jumping out of the TARDIS to deliver a kick to the face. His secret weapon? A sonic ass-kicker.

But it's probably James Nesbitt. According to a third-hand report, maybe. Gotta love the british press.
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