David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

meme: pics that make me happy

Several people on my flist are posting pictures that make them happy. This seems like an eminently wise use of LJ to me.

Cutest thing ever.

Dawwwwwwwwww. That is Carrie Fisher curled up in a chair on the set of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, and if you know of a picture of her that's anywhere *near* that adorable and unguarded, ever, let me know.

And then there's this one of Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford, in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon:

Teh universe.  Let me show you it.

Their smiles just do something for me there: they're in costume, but not filming at the moment, and it's just wonderful, because you can see what made the two of them such a great screen pair. Adding to the "universe wide open" feel is that they just look so damn young. Anything was possible then, and even if it didn't happen you can look at it now and feel as if it still could.

When I look at this picture, I think LOLcat macros. "Teh universe. Let me show you it."
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