David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

The astrology question

This, which I was hipped to by vange, got me curious: how many of y'all are into astrology?

I've been surprised at how many people who are into it I keep running into. I once briefly dated a girl who sat me down and did my astrological chart. It seemed odd to me at the time, as my only exposure to the stuff had been in the column next to the funny pages and James Randi's snide comments on the subject. In recent years, I've run into more and more people who take it seriously. I had honestly thought it was a relic, that it stayed in the newspapers because of inertia -- but no! There are people who dig it a lot. In graduate school, I found this particularly surprising. Has anyone else in the social sciences found remarkable numbers of people who really find astrology fascinating and, especially after a few beers, will talk about it for hours? Once a department party gets going, I can usually count on finding at least one astrology conversation somewhere in the house. And it's not always the same people!

I don't want to be rude to anybody -- I try to keep my LJ non-argumentative -- but I did want to ask about it, because sometimes it strikes me as very odd. It's not uncommon for me to encounter people at a party who will, say, rail against global warming skeptics, and creationists, and people opposed to stem cell research, and people uncomfortable with homosexuality because of some Biblical superstition, and who'll then turn around and start sorting the gathering by birthdays.

So: are you into astrology? If so, how into it are you, and how does it fit in to your general world view?

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