David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

interesting history: Wife of Cheng

Add Wife of Cheng to the list of historical action heroines I'd like to see a movie about. OK, so I've wanted an Anne Bonny and Mary Read movie for a while, but Wife of Cheng would kick their butts with her pirate fleet. And then probably auction them off to her crew.

Of course, her origin is the kind of thing that makes modern feminists cringe: she begins as a prostitute, marries a pirate named Cheng on the condition that she 1) share his wealth and 2) get to help him increase said wealth, and takes his name so completely that she doesn't even get a name of her own! And when she captures women, she sells them into sexual slavery. Well, that's not fair: she releases them, if they're too ugly to get a good price for. Not exactly puppies and rainbows. Hell, it sounds like something you might have read in DC comics last week. But she'd be a hell of an anti-hero. Could be a great gangster picture.

(Of course, this comes from the guy who wishes somebody would bend history enough to write a balls-to-the-wall action movie with Harriet Tubman as the lead character. C'mon, pissed-off black woman with guns fighting slaveowners? How awesome would that be? Also, Deborah Sampson would be a fun story -- decorated Revolutionary War soldier, and all that, but d'oh! She's a woman in drag! That one could even have a cameo by George Washington, at the end.)

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