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I've posted occasional news items about Zimbabwe since I started this thing. Every time I post about the country, I think it can't get any worse. But it can, and it is.

Big-time political fundraiser Norman Hsu, who was (he claimed unknowingly) a fugitive for fifteen years, failed to appear before a judge. He arranged over a million-five cash in political contributions, apparently reimbursing straw man donors to get around pesky legal maximums, and forked out a couple million dollars cash bail, and now he's on the lam. The really interesting thing about this guy is that as journalists and bloggers dig into the businesses he supposedly operated, they're finding that the businesses don't exist, or didn't operate, or just existed on paper, and several appear to use phony addresses. The three point five million dollar question: where'd Hsu's money come from?

And in the category of EPIC FACEPALM: a genetic study of Colorado trout has revealed that a twenty-year effort to restore populations of the endangered greenback cutthroat trout is not going nearly as well as thought: more than half of the populations the wildlife biologists were so proud of were stocked with the wrong species.
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