David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

people are stupid

I went to drop off some stuff at my storage unit, and when I came out there were two cars next to mine. Well, one was next to mine. The other was in front of me. *Right* in front of me, angled at about forty-five degrees left. I was well and truly blocked in.

This was pretty impressive. The place has a one-way traffic pattern, and all the cars coming through pass that way, but these folks had contrived to block both lanes. There was nothing but empty space in the parking lane in front of me and behind me, and if they'd just parked like normal people I could have gotten out. There was absolutely no reason for them to park this way, but they did it.

Best part: I found the folks in question and gently pointed out that I needed to leave. The guy was very nice about it. He moved his vehicle forward, and I pulled around and went on my way. As I drove, I glanced into the rearview mirror to see what he was doing. He was backing up. He went into the parking lane, and backed up... until he was right next to the other car.

They were blocking both lanes again.
Tags: life

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