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tsukiwriter uploaded a clip of the new SUPERMAN: DOOMSDAY movie to YouTube. I am glad of this, because otherwise I would have just had to tell you guys how insanely gay the direct-to-video SUPERMAN: DOOMSDAY is, and you won't believe it until you've seen the clip (posted by Tsuki to scans_daily, but I dunno how many of you are watching that comm these days).

This does not even include the scene where Superman oil-wrestles his evil clone.

Yes, I'm serious.

(It also doesn't include the scene with naked clones of Superman lying all over the floor around Lex Luthor, but look, I have to draw the line *somewhere.*)

The new direct-to-video movie is extremely slashtastic, so those who love slash might be inclined to run out and get it. But it's not just slashtastic. It is also not any good at all. SUPERMAN: DOOMSDAY outright stinks. The fight scenes are decent, but they skimped on the animation for everything else. Character and camera movement feels funny outside of the big setpieces. The voice acting is below par, with Anne Heche being particularly horrible as Lois Lane. The character art is off-model in strange ways: Superman has more crags in his face than Robert Stack and a chin dimple big enough to hold loose change, while Lois Lane is apparently Asian now. The roomies and I watched it for our grand farewell, and we were sorely disappointed.

Bottom line: often badly-animated, too much sex and violence for children, and -- worst of all -- downright boring.
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