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ficlet: "Happy Thoughts" (DCU, PG-13)

petronelle did a drabble exchange post here, and one of her ficlets posited Jason Todd, the second Robin, really enjoying being flown around by Starfire. The character combination and scenario tickled me, so I wrote a sort-of sequel, and liked it enough to post it here.


"Oh, darn," said Jason. "The Batplane broke down again."

"*Again?*" said Donna skeptically.

"Oh, Robin, that's terrible!" said Starfire. "If you can wait a few minutes, I'll fly you home."

"Gee," said Jason. He didn't have to fake his smile, not this one. "That'd be swell."

Donna rolled her eyes and snorted.

They lifted off from the roof of Titans Tower. Kory's arms wrapped around him mid-chest and held him tight. She was way taller than he was, so the back of his head rested right against her amazing breasts. Everything was right with the world.

They landed just shy of one of the minor entrances to the Batcave. Jason figured Dick had snuck out of it when he didn't want Batman to know he, Dick, was dating Kory yet. When they landed, he stepped away reluctantly. He faced away from her for a few moments, until he could turn around without the results of the flight being obvious.

Kory's scent was still in his nostrils. Jason tried to catch his breath.

"Robin?" said Kory.


"You don't have to sabotage the Batplane just because you want a hug."


"I checked the damage last time. I'm better with small spacecraft maintenance, but I know one end of a wrench from another. It was happening so often, I wondered if there was a problem with the maintenance droids."

"It really broke down this time!" said Jason. "Promise."

"Not with those grease stains on your cape!" said Kory cheerfully. "I looked before we left. Last time the ignition came loose. This time, an oil plug. It hadn't been stripped, just deliberately unscrewed. And somebody had wiped the grease off of it before using the wrench."

Oh. Crap. Busted.

Jason shuffled his feet and looked down at the ground. He could just imagine the lecture now. Batman would yell at him for wasting a superhero's time, and damaging the Batplane -- but hey, Jason learned a lot about fixing it when he was learning how to break it, so that had to be worth something, right? Plus the Titans would probably send him off for sensitivity training or some bullshit.

And Kory would never, ever fly him anywhere again. That was the worst.

"It's all right, Robin," said Kory. "You don't need to make up an excuse for me to fly you somewhere. You can get a hug any time."

"Really?" said Jason. "Any time?"

"Any time."

Kory smiled, and reached for him. It wasn't like flying. Jason was facing her this time, so her hands pressed against his back. And his face went --

"Mwfflllggrrbbb," said Jason.

Kory leaned him back a few inches. "I'm sorry?"

Jason craned his neck, looking up into the face he'd seen in magazines and on calendars and in the best music video ever even if the song had sucked. "I grew up on the street," he said, making his eyes look as big and sorrowful as possible. "My parents are dead."

Those gorgeous breasts came in to meet his face again, and Jason sighed happily as some of Kory's hair trickled over the back of his neck.

The way he figured, there was no sense having a tragic background if you didn't get something out of it.
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