David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

apparently I have a tendency to sleep through hostage situations.

Right, so there I was...

A couple of years ago, I came home from work to find out that my complex had been locked down by police. Turned out some dude with a grudge had shown up at his ex's apartment, and was holding everybody, kids included, hostage. In the building next to mine. He was armed with a rifle, so the cops weren't letting me go home. I turned around to go back to the office, and found the gate closed behind me. The cop on the other side offered to spring me, but no dice -- they'd shut the system down. I was stuck. So I pulled my car into a parking space and took a nap. (Hey, I worked four to midnight; I'd come home and go to bed.) When I woke up: EVERYONE IS GONE. No cops, no police cars, no flashing lights, nothin'. It was a very strange feeling. I went to my apartment and to bed, but I couldn't help feeling unnerved. It felt a little like I'd hallucinated the whole thing. I hadn't -- I asked a friend in the department to check up, and found out that things were resolved okay and everyone was fine. The best ending you can get to a hostage situation, really.

Dissolve to present day. So, I'm visiting my mother, right? Lives in a nice neighborhood in Silver Spring. Nothing ever happens here. UNTIL THIS MORNING. Some dude with a gun ran into the house a few doors up and took his girlfriend, or ex-girlfriend, hostage. Seriously, heart of suburbia. Ma is going to take the dog on an early morning walk, and cops are all over the place telling her she needs to get back inside. Cops scope out our back yard, looking for avenues of escape for crazy armed dude. The street is lined with patrolmen and police cars.

I, of course, sleep through this.

Nobody got hurt. The dude got arrested, and all was well. Downside: the cops left Ma's back gate open when they were watching avenues of escape, so her dog sneaked out to play with his friend next door. Upside: they were nice and brought Ma her newspaper, since they didn't want her out on the street getting it herself when they didn't know if any gunplay was going to go down. That was very good of them.
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