David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

your hypothetical favorite show

If you could wave a magic wand and make a new favorite TV show appear, what would it be?

I'm asking because in the past day or two, I've realized that I would trade pretty much anything that isn't nailed down for a TV series based on Terry Gilliam's TIME BANDITS. Seriously. I would give up stuff. And I would watch that show every week. You'd have to pry me away from the tube.

David Rappaport and Jack Purvis are long passed on, alas, and everyone else is getting old, so you'd obviously have to recast. But there are a surprising number of brilliant little actors out there -- Peter Dinklage is awesome, and I'd make him Randall in a heartbeat, if I didn't want him to be playing Tyrion in the HBO adaptation of GRRM's FIRE AND ICE. (And seriously, that casting had *better* happen. Nobody could play the doors off that part like Dinklage.) I've admired Ed Gale for years; he'd be a great Wally. Tony Cox as Strutter. Warwick Davis would be awesome as Fidgit. That leaves Og and Vermin still to cast, but they're harder -- Davis would be great in either of those roles, too, actually; he's done balls-out crazy in the LEPRECHAUN flicks. Kenny Baker could do a cameo role in a scene of the pilot, and you're good to go.

(Incidentally, my imaginary beloved TIME BANDITS series would have a cool animated opening sequence involving the map, and would use George Harrison's "Dream Away" as the theme song. Just so you know.)

What brought this on, you ask? This.

Yes, I ordered one. Yes, it's *totally* worth it.
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