David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

videopost: things I'm thankful for: Bud Collyer

Aha! The video beast is slain. For the record, if you're using iMovie and your Quicktime export looks fine but the YouTube conversion screws up the video, take some time to mess around with any stills you're using. Turns out all YouTube wanted was for every single one of my stills to use the Ken Burns effect -- if you just leave it as a still for five seconds or whatever, it gets bored and confused. So Ken Burns out the wazoo, or even very minimally, and you'll come out fine. Now that that's out of the way, here's my belated Thanksgiving post.

This year, I'm thankful for a lot of things -- including, for obvious reasons, fandom -- but here's one little thing I'm thankful for: Bud Collyer. Never heard of him? Well, you might have *heard* him, anyway: he was the first actor to play Superman on a regular basis (probably the second to play him ever -- a guy named Ray Middleton dressed up in a Superman suit at the 1939 World's Fair). Collyer started playing Superman on radio in 1940 and kept it up for a decade. He played Superman in cartoons, too, by the Fleischer studios and in later TV animated series.

But it doesn't make sense for me to geek out about Bud Collyer unless you get to hear him. So here's my first-ever videoblog post. Warning: the video below the cut contains footage of a grown man geeking out over a 1940s radio show. Folks who enjoy comics, slash, and video of a guy being a complete dork may find some unexpected enjoyment here.

Tags: dcu, radio, video, youtube

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