David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

ABC reporter: Dennis Kucinich stole my nuts!

ABC's Rick Klein, liveblogging the New Hampshire primary, had a close encounter of the Kucinich kind. Quoth Klein:

So I'm in the ABC workspace at the Radisson in Manchester, and who walks in but ... Dennis Kucinich. No big deal, right? Lots of candidates milling around these parts these days. But then he proceeds to RAID THE MIXED NUTS CAN on the ABC snack table. Not like a cashew or two — big handfuls. His wife is munching too. This would be the same Dennis Kucinich who FILED FOR A TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST ABC over the weekend to try to block our debate from going forward, arguing that he was being unfairly excluded. I walked over to his wife, Elizabeth, who was also enjoying the snacks. "So sorry," she said, "but we're absolutely starving." I said to her, "Come on, now, you sued us, and now you're stealing our nuts?" She shrugged — semi-apologetically, in my estimation. And with that, Rep. Kucinich grabbed a mini-can of Pringles and walked away.

The internet being what it is, a commenter quickly piped up that "Elizabeth Kucinich can have my nuts any time she pleases." YOU STAY CLASSY, INTERNET.
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