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you go, Ezra Levant

I do not post about politics or news all that much. When I do, I don't usually share my leanings on something: I'm willing to be that most of y'all know roughly where I stand, but I'm in fandom to share the joy these days. So I don't post about such things.

I'm making an exception now, because Ezra Levant is rocking my house.

Levant is the publisher of the Western Standard. It's a Canadian paper that I've never read; I'd guess it's conservative to libertarian, but I'm not familiar with it off the top of my head. The Standard did something pretty goddamn ballsy: a while back, a Danish paper commissioned several cartoonists to create satirical depictions of the prophet Mohammed. This caused riots. People died. The cartoonists received death threats for publishing images that were, at worst, stupid, and at best, brilliantly comical. (One depicted a sweating cartoonist drawing Mohammed and looking over his own shoulder all the while, for fear of someone coming up behind him.) They were not all that bad. Levant's paper published the newsworthy cartoons, and he has now found himself before a taxpayer-funded human rights inquiry. The complaint was filed by an Islamist who has called for Canada to be ruled by sha'ria law.

Let me repeat this, just so it sinks in: a religious fanatic who supports theocracy complained to the Alberta Human Rights Commission that a newspaper's publication of *cartoons* was offensive to his beliefs. AND THE GOVERNMENT HAULED THE NEWSPAPER PUBLISHER INTO A HEARING TO DEFEND HIMSELF. That shit scares the willies out of me.

Levant and his lawyer insisted on the right to record the hearing. And they're putting it up on YouTube. The segments are absolutely *devastating.* Much is made, these days, of the concept of "speaking truth to power." In a free society, "speaking truth to power" usually means "lecturing a captive audience too polite to tell you to shut up." Well, let me tell you, folks: I'm watching Ezra Levant defend himself before what he rightly terms a kangaroo court, and *this is what speaking truth to power looks like.*

For more details, see Levant's blog.
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