David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

ah, Jameson's

I took the dog for a nice long walk by the creek this afternoon, and afterward we stopped by Wok'n'Roll and picked up some Chinese food. There was a liquor store nearby, and I checked inside for Jameson's. I've been indulging heavily in THE WIRE lately, of course, and McNulty is on a tear again, which for him includes drinking Jameson's hard. I'd never had Jameson's before, but hey, McNulty drinks it! So I bought some. (If you're wondering: I like my whiskey the way Batman likes his Robins: twelve years old.)

This late afternoon and evening has been given to watching season one of THE WIRE on DVD while eating Chinese food and drinking Jameson's on the rocks, with occasional forays into Jameson's and Coke. The verdict: McNulty has good taste in Irish whiskey. And Jameson's is highly effective at making me tipsy and lowering my reaction time.

DOG. "What's that you're drinking, Boss?" *snurfles cup*
HINES. "It's Jameson's and Coke, honey. It's not for dogs --"
DOG. *slurp slurp*
DOG. "Wow, Boss, that's not bad."
HINES. "I am not contributing to the delinquency of a puppy."
DOG. "I'm almost a year old!"
DOG. "I want to play tug of war! YAY!"
DOG. *jumps off couch*
DOG. *faceplants*
HINES. *facepalm*
DOG. "Jameson's is fun!"
DOG. *leaps back onto couch*
DOG. *plays several rounds of tug-of-war with an old sock, then curls up and falls asleep*
HINES. "I'm going to miss this. You know that?"
DOG. *snores*

(Due to unavoidable circumstances, as discussed in an f-locked post, dog is going to live with Ma for a while. This is a sadness. OTOH, we will be back together before too long.)
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