David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

ammo arrives

My UPS guy, Dan, has an unusual way of announcing himself. Because my cabin is quite a ways back on the property, he lets me know he's here by backing his truck up to the gate and blasting country music at death-metal volume.

The last time I saw him, I'd warned him of impending ammo delivery. The boxes came today.

DAN. "Stocking up for the apocalypse, huh?"
HINES. "Hey, man, I figure somebody should be ready when the zombies come."
DAN. "Well, you should be able to take care of at least half of 'em with all this. I don't think the box weights are right at all, though. I mean --" *hands small box over* " -- there's no way this is only twenty-eight pounds."
HINES. *argck*
DAN. "See? Now, this one they've got at thirty-seven, but I'd say it's around fifty --"
HINES. *hunf*
DAN. "And this is supposed to be forty, but I'd say it's sixty at least..."
HINES. *thud*

Lessons learned: ammunition is really heavy in bulk. Also, Dan is a fine driver of the Brown Truck of Happiness.
Tags: guns, life

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