David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

meme: lousy book covers

vito_excalibur posted a link to Judge a Book by its Cover, which spotlights bad book covers, and comments on them. For example: THE SWORD AND THE SHEATH features the hero embracing the heroine. While he holds a sword. Which implies that if he's the sword, she's... yeah. The good folks at Judge a Book point out that they could have just as easily called the book "The Banana and the Hairy Clam."

So, this seems to me to call for a meme. What's the worst book cover you've ever seen?

Here's mine:

Bad touch.  Bad, bad touch.

Bad touch. Bad, bad touch.

It's not just that she looks ten and he looks thirty-five. It's the expression of terror on her face. This is the book to give your child if you want to instill her with a lasting fear of being molested by Bobby Kennedy.

The worst part is that this horror is the cover of a children's book -- even more horrifying, one from a Christian imprint. They were trying to give the world something gentle and wholesome, but then *this* happened.

...I'm a little worried about that cover artist, frankly.
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