David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

tickets to the gun show

No, this is not about my biceps: today I went to an *actual* gun show.

It was an okay show; the last one I went to had some more interesting stuff, but that's not to say this one didn't have items of interest. It's just that not as many of 'em were guns. You see weird things a-plenty at gun shows, sure, but this time there was a real toss-up. Question: which is weirder?

Hooters girls hawking a gun range....
Gun dealers on Segways?

I asked the Hooters girls what they were doing there: did the guy who owned the range own a Hooters? Or did he hire them out from Hooters for promotions? The blonde in front beamed the sunny Hooters beam and said, "We just like him a lot!"

Meanwhile, the gun dealers on Segways were less of a pure attention-getter than you'd think. They were from a very large store, so they had a huge number of tables in two aisles, and the Segways helped them zip around quickly. In practice, of course, the dealer staff was composed of mostly young guys, and so they acted like... well, like young guys who have Segways. That is to say, they played bumper Segways a lot.

Were there acquisitions? Yes, there were. What were they? Ah, for that you will have to wait until tomorrow, when there is good light in which I can take pictures.
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