David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

a day at the range

Today was a mental health day. I went to the range and burned through 400 rounds of ammunition. This is a new range for me, and it's a pretty nice one. They were having an advanced class on the usual pistol range, so I went down to range C, which is where the steel targets are. I shot some cardboard, but had a good bit of fun shooting the steel, too.

This was Hans's inaugural shoot -- Hans being the Sig-Sauer police surplus 9 mm -- and I was absolutely delighted with his performance. Of my first ten rounds through him, nine went right into the bulls-eye. He's an absolute tack-driver, and I couldn't be more tickled. I may have to pick up another one of these before they sell off the surplus, because 1) a matched pair of Sigs would be cool and 2) I could name it "Franz."

While picking up my brass, I saw a tiny snail clinging to a blade of grass. I took a picture with my crappy cameraphone, but it came out far too small for some reason:

Pity; I put a .45 ACP casing in there for scale. I mean, snail was *tiny.*

Then I went to an art gallery opening. It's also a gallery in a coffeehouse, which is nice. I plan to write a fair chunk of my dissertation there.
Tags: guns, life

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