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in gun news: ABC gets it wrong

Good drabble suggestions! Will have more up tonight. Hi to the new folks; just so you know, I don't just post about John Ringo and SF; I tend to post about guns a lot.

Case in point! ABC News has a story up that has gun-bloggers up in arms. (Figuratively.) The upshot is that, per ABC, Mexico's drug lords are being armed by weapons from the US. If this is accurate, it's a problem we should look into doing something about. (WALL ALONG THE BORDER! ...I kid.) But first, we need to know how big a problem it is. And ABC's accuracy is not inspiring confidence. Check out their accompanying pictures. Note the 40mm grenade launchers. And grenades. Just so you know, each one of those grenades is considered an NFA weapon; if you go through the expensive licensing process required to purchase those, you have to find a dealer licensed to sell 'em who's willing to sell 'em to you, as a private citizen (and good luck; those guys make their livelihood on military and police contracts, so they're not going be inclined to spend time with you). Then you have to pay the (high) price, with a $200 tax on each one. The ATF can come out and inspect them at any time, and if you fire one you have to send the pieces back to the ATF so they can verify you shot it. To prove that the problem is lax American gun laws, ABC is showing a picture of some of the most tightly-regulated, hard to buy, heavily-scrutinized items of military hardware on the market. Oops.

They also emphasize the FN Five-seveN's ability to pierce body armor with a pistol round. Which it can! ...if you've got the armor-piercing rounds that are, gosh, only available to police and military in the US.

The article does have some interesting items in it: apparently, the Colt El Senador is a popular pistol among Mexican gang types. I'd never heard of it, but the fact that it's in .38 Super got me suspicious. That's the maximum legal handgun caliber in Mexico. Turns out, yup, the El series are high-end 1911s made in .38 Super for the Mexican market.

...I kind of want one.
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