April 26th, 2004


Up, and down

Well, my main fannish account is down -- a bit annoying, because I'm such a dinosaur I prefer to do my web browsing with lynx. (Yes. Shut up.) But I can still get to the LJ. Maybe I'll even post something substantive here. Or I could work on that Jim Gordon story I've been neglecting.

There aren't nearly enough Jim Gordon stories in Batverse fanfic, and that's really a damn shame. Gordon's a terrific character, especially in Miller's Year One; he's been pivotal to the Batverse for pretty much its entire run. And what does he get in terms of fanfic? Bupkus, or close to it. I'm writing one story to partially correct that deficiency, but I'm still trying to figure out why.

I think part of it is that he is, by necessity, out of the loop -- even when he knows, or suspects, something, he goes out of his way to avoid confirmation, in order to maintain his plausible deniability. But that also makes it hard to put him into Batverse stories. He's not somebody Batman can talk to for long stretches, because of Batman's ambivalent relationship with the cops. He can talk to Barbara, but only as father to daughter; he doesn't know about Oracle or the like. He's never in the Batcave. He's been married multiple times, so his heterosexuality is pretty clearly established, making him more difficult to slash. (Also, slashers like the pretty and angstful, and why pair Bruce up with an old geezer when the Hunk Wonder himself, Dick Grayson, is right there?)

So when Jim does turn up in fanfic, it's usually in a supportive role, often mildly comedic. He's useful in a Dick/Babs romantic fic as the protective father, or in a detective story as Mr. Exposition. He's one of the few people whose opinion actually matters to Batman, and who can actually joke about him with affection, which makes him useful for taking the piss out of the Dark Knight on occasion -- but again, Alfred is much better for that because a) he's more sarcastic and b) Alfred knows everything.

Which is a shame, because Jim Gordon kicks ass.

And hey, in the time it took me to write this the other account came back up. So all is well.
cass groovy

The fic-pimping continues!

The third part of "Escape Artistry" is up (hey, guys, if I ain't pimpin' it, ain't nobody pimpin' it!), and because I'm on my way to visit my ma and build her a new fence like the dutiful son I occasionally am, part 4 won't be posted for a couple days.

If anybody's curious, here's how the story came about. I come up with stories in a couple of different ways. One is to take two characters and think about what they have in common, and building something off of that. For example, I wrote the story "New Year's Kiss" because it occurred to me that because Alfred was a soldier and of an age to have been in service during wartime, he probably had deliberately killed people. Which gave him and Cassandra something in common. Obviously, there's no moral equivalence in their actions, but I did think it would give Alfred a handle at understanding her regret that others in the Batclan wouldn't have. (See, for example, the story of heroic Australian sniper Ian Robertson, who served in the Korean War.)

"Escape Artistry" came about because I have a soft spot for the bondage aspects of the Golden Age Wonder Woman. Plus, c'mon, reruns of the Lynda Carter live-action WW series probably helped accelerate my transition to puberty. Yeah, it was a thinly-veiled excuse to have women getting tied up (WW's creator, William Moulton Marston, was a BDSM enthusiast and lived happily with two women, having kids with both), but it was fun. And looking back on it, there's almost an innocence and charm about it. Maybe that's because Marston was brilliant and crazy. I dunno. But it worked.

Anyway, I really liked the WW/BM dynamic on the Justice League cartoon, so thought it would be fun to write. The big problem is that Batman is... well, Batman. Stubborn. Very good at not opening up. (As we've seen on the show, when WW flirts with him.) So how do I get them to spend time together?

Light bulb. Give her the Golden Age weakness. That gives her a reason to learn escape artistry. And Batman is the best escape artist in the JLA. Maybe the world.

And awaaaaaay we go!

The story turned out pretty well. It actually has some pretty good action in it, too. The action scene in part 3 is the first one I ever wrote, and I still really like it a lot.

The most disturbing part of the whole thing is that as kinky as it is, the innuendo never gets much beyond what we've seen on the show. Actually, the show eclipses it, if you factor in Katma Tui's outfit. (I know I do.)