May 14th, 2004

pointy teeth

Random pairings, part 1

Fun with liviapenn's random DCU pairing generator. I tried the five-minute game suggested by thete1, and wound up busting the time limite massively because I was just too ambitious (but I liked the story). Later attempts had several extremely silly things, one good genfic. A couple of silly examples, both involving Grace:

"Ever spend a night flying through the city with a powerful engine rumbling right between your legs?" said Roxy Rocket.

Actually, Grace had. And had Nightwing ever gotten pissed at what had happened to the ship. But, she remembered with a tiny shiver, it had been worth it. "You had me at hello," she said.

"So," said Grace with a savage purr, "Nightwing says you're the man who's taught him everything he knows."

"Pardon me?" said Alfred Pennyworth.

She pounced.

"I meant about domestic skills," said Nightwing, much later. But by then it was too late.

Random pairings, part II

The good five-minute genfic, courtesy of the random DCU pairing generator:

"It's true?" said Two-Face. He was heavily drugged, and spoke only out of the Harvey Dent side of his mouth. The other half of his face was slumped and drooling. Occasionally, Harvey lifted a paper towel to that corner of the mouth, pressing cautiously, as if he couldn't feel it, as if the mouth belonged to someone else.

J'onn supposed it did.

"It is true," he said. "I can alter my physical appearance. Look like any human."

The police had been talking about that, in the squad car on the way to the asylum. J'onn needed only a glimpse of Two-Face's surface thoughts to understand. He stayed well out of the mind itself. Too fragmented, too dangerous.

"And you read minds," said Two-Face. Harvey. "You know what I want."

"Yes," said J'onn.

"Would you? Please?"

"Yes," said J'onn. The shift came quickly, easily, as it always did when he had a physical reference.

Harvey Dent gazed on his unbroken reflection for the first time in years.

"Oh," he said quietly. "I was beautiful once."