May 21st, 2004

cass groovy

The lab cat eats tuna

There is a cat living around my lab. (Well, not *my* lab, but I work at it.) It is a really beautiful cat, but shy around people. It'll let you get maybe eight feet away, at best, if you don't make much sound. And that's only because we've been feeding it. Either it was born wild, or it's been alone a long time.

And then one of my labmates found the key: tuna. She was eating a tuna sandwich, cat meowed at her, she put a little tuna in its bowl. And it jumped up and ate on the corner of our deck, while she ate on the picnic table that was also on that deck. Six feet. Maybe five. Boundaries shattered.

Slowly working on befriending cat. I'll come by over the weekend to feed it some chow. Maybe a little tuna. Or canned food, even.