May 31st, 2004

pointy teeth

More fun with Bruce and Cass

So a while back some folks (yours truly included) were talking about Cassandra "Batgirl" Cain, and her relationship with Batman.

(For those not up on their Batfolks: she's the illiterate offspring of a ruthless assassin who taught her how to kill but not to speak; he's a billionaire philanthropist and businessman who prowls the rooftops because his parents were murdered by a mugger. Together, they fight crime.)

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Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day, when we honor the sacrifices of our soldiers.

Somewhere in my blog reading, I came across a suggestion I liked. In the Jewish tradition, we leave a cup of wine for the Prophet Elijah on Passover. Tonight I will set an empty place at my dinner table -- for the fallen, for the wounded, for the ones who can't be home because they have a job to do.

Maybe there won't be much conversation, but I couldn't ask for better company.